Welcome to agelandkaai

Hello, and thank you for choosing one of our B&B's.

On this site you'll find practical things for during your stay with us.

In 'rooms' you'll find the pdf's on both spaces, which I've normally already sent to you in Whatsapp.

As some things have changed, I'll soon be making another pdf, for those things that have changed.

'à Ganda' are walking tours we made for you. For the moment we only have two ready, it's about two hours, when you're walking at ease. à Ganda is also the name of our Experience on Airbnb for walking tours in Gent, with Jurgen as your guide.

Here I'm also working on a pdf for where we like to go to eat and drink. A few will be a bit outside of Gent, so that might only be for guests with a car, but most are in Gent.

'promo's' are some restaurants who offer you an extra, when you go eat there, and give them one of our businesscards.

'parking' is about our parking space we have, and about the LEZ (Low Emission Zone) in Gent, there you can see for older cars, if you're still allowed into the city.

Also, except for belgian and dutch cars, you have to register your car at least one day after entering the LEZ, the link you'll find in the pdf.

If your car is too old, you can by a daypass, but we live just on the edge of the LEZ, so we might be able to meet you at the parking lot (if the space is still available), so you don't have to buy a daypass.

In front of the station there are 5 free parking spaces, so if you're lucky, you might find a space there. The later in the evening the more chance you'll find a place there.

Otherwise, drive behind the station, the price for a parking space is half of what you pay in the LEZ. This for people who can enter the LEZ, but who cannot use our parking place.

'food & drinks' is what we offer to our guests, in the fridge and freezer downstairs in the hallway.

So if you enter the house, it's the few steps down, and there you'll find the fridge and freezer.

If you have other questions, we'll be glad to help you out in Whatsapp.