à Ganda Tours

Underneath here, you'll find some walking tours (2 so far), you can do on your own. The blue titles in the pdf's take you to Google Maps, to show you which way to walk.

We're thinking about making one about gossip through the ages in Gent, and one about Gent and it's harbour. The one about women and textile through the ages is ready for groups with Jurgen, but we still have to write it out.

There is also a pdf with the places we like to go eat and drink. When we find time, we're gonna make one about the museum's.

And this link here, is to walk into the city center in a quiet way, away from traffic, up to the cathedral.

As Jurgen is a certified guide, we have made an Experience on Airbnb, mostly on saturday afternoons, we're you can join him, from july on, on a historic walking tour through Gent.

The same as with the bookings, booking a walking tour is cheaper here, instead of booking it with airbnb, they take 20% of what you pay. If you have a topic you're interested in, you can always ask if it's possible to do a tour on it. You have a no, you can get a yes. Just ask, and we'll see what we can do.

Also, don't pin yourself down on the weekends for a tour, if you want it on another day, again, just ask, and we'll see if it works.